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Federal Budget

Federal Budget 2022-- What opportunities are in it for you?

30 March 2022 | 53 mins


Watch to get expert insights from our accountants and planners, as they share the Federal Budget’s impact and the opportunities it creates for Australian households, businesses, economy, and financial markets.

Maximising your NSW COVID19 Support

Maximising Your NSW COVID-19 Support

12 August 2021 | 43 mins


Applying for a government support grant can be overwhelming. We want to make sure you are aware of what financial support is available that you may be entitled to. Watch to learn how you can make the most of Covid-19 support payments.

Protecting and Planning for your Future

Protecting and Planning for your Future

11 August 2021 | 60 mins


Whether that be financial security for you and your family, sustainable cash flow or living a lifestyle beyond expectation. Expect the unexpected. Watch to learn how to best plan and protect your future.

7 Steps to Financial Recovery

7 Steps to Financial Recovery Post-COVID

11 Nov 2020 | 36 mins


Watch to learn key messages to help you navigate and adapt to the new normal including 7 critical steps to success coming out of lockdown.

Stuffed Landing page banner

Is the Economy Stuffed?
15 Sept 2020 | 66 mins


Watch to learn from Australian Equities Adviser and other members of the Investment and Asset Management Committee and find out what YOU could be doing right now, to make sure you and your family are financially secure during these uncertain times.

Progressing towards your goals

Are you progressing towards your financial goals? 

5 Aug 2020 | 60 mins


Did you know only 8% of people achieve their goals? Imagine if you could be one of them!  ‘The goal isn’t more money. The goal is obtaining financial security to live your life on your own terms.’ Get expert insight into the proven tips and tricks to join the 8%.

Wealth Strategies

Wealth Strategies - How to turn a crisis into an opportunity

9 June 2020 | 60 mins


While the crisis has posed many challenges, it has also opened the door for opportunities for those who are armed to make well-informed financial decisions during times of uncertainty. 

Thriving in a Crisis

Thriving in a Crisis - What does the recovery look like?

21 May 2020 | 60 mins


A combination of experience and knowledge of investment mastery and equity market behaviour will have the Modoras experts share the what to consider to turn the crisis into an opportunity, commonly asked questions of investors and more. 

Tax Planning for Businesses

Tax Planning for Businesses

3 Jun 2021 | 61 mins


Make smart financial decisions about your business. Open up more opportunities for business growth, increased revenue and enhanced profit margins. Our Accounting Directors turn the spotlight on How to set your sails for success and ways successful business owners maximise their result at tax time.

One Page Business Plan

The One-Page Business Plan

23 Sept 2020 | 57 mins


Are you ready to kick butt next year? Watch to find out the key information and tools required to gain focus and direction for your business and strategies for business growth post-COVID.

Start your side hustle

How to start your side hustle

27 Aug 2020 | 54 mins


Been wondering how to turn your side hustle into a small business… There has never been a better time to start your side hustle. Given the current social and business landscape is changing, innovation and new ways of doing business may be your path forward. Learn from Modoras experts proven tips and tricks to start your side hustle.

What do most successful people ask their accountants

What do most successful people ask their Accountant at tax time?

25 June 2020 | 55 mins


After a challenging end to the financial year for both individuals and businesses, many turn their attention to tax time. As advice professionals, Modoras Accountants and Planners go beyond tax to deliver insight and strategy into what the most successful people ask at this time of year. You may be surprised, but it isn't all about saving tax.

COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Package 

COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Package 

25 Mar 2020 | 59 mins


In a bid to curb the economic impact of COVID-19, the Federal Government has revealed its plan to deploy $17.6 billion into the pockets of those who need it most. With a view to keep Australians in jobs, businesses in business and ensuring the economy bounces back stronger than before, what does the stimulus package actually mean for you and your business?

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Wealth Management

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Business Advisory

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