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You may be surprised, but it isn't all about saving tax.

Get tax time insights, tax tips, checklists, FAQs and more. Take a look at the Modoras Tax Time 2020 web page by clicking the ‘Tax Tips’ button below. You will be amazed at the tips, tricks and insights your Modoras team has to share. This page is regularly updated, so please check back in from time to time.

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After a challenging end to the financial year for both individuals and businesses, many turn their attention to tax time. As advice professionals, Modoras Accountants and Planners go beyond tax to deliver insight and strategy into what the most successful people ask at this time of year. 

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Alf Couceiro

Alf is a Director and Executive Accountant, bringing in excess of 20 years of experience and expertise across a broad spectrum of industries.

With a refreshingly direct, no-nonsense approach, Alf specialises in challenging businesses to take an honest assessment of their operations, and evaluate how their structure and strategy is working towards or against the achievement of profitability and sustainable growth.

Alf does not take a “set and forget” approach, rather holding a clients hand through the process to monitor and analyse the effectiveness of each of his recommendations. In this way, year-on-year business process improvement and growth becomes a permanent component of a successful business strategy and corporate culture.

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Ian Fox

Ian is a Director and Executive Planner at Modoras, drawing on a wealth of experience in over two decades as a practicing accountant and financial planner. Ian has a holistic, “no nonsense” approach to advising clients. He is motivated by having the opportunity to influence people’s lives every day.

He takes a wider perspective of client’s circumstances and financial goals, rather than responding and transacting on each request. This often results in challenging clients to work in their own best interests, beyond the immediate problem they’re looking to solve.

Ian believes in imparting his extensive knowledge to every client in order for them to recognise financial opportunities for ongoing success. He derives inspiration from the many clients he works with and enjoys celebrating their successes at incremental stages of their financial path, continually adding together for an inspired financial future.

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Paul Gaffney

Having worked with Modoras for many years, Paul has had continued success in attracting and retaining new clients and is an outstanding addition to the Modoras business.

Having worked his way through university, Paul believes he has gained most of his insight from being exposed to great people.

Having worked locally and globally with many of the largest financial and banking institutions in the market, Paul has successfully led international, national and local teams.

With a belief that the experience of owning, running and growing a small financial planning and accounting business, it is client care that offers the most value to clients.