Create financial freedom for your children

Are your children given money for their birthday or Christmas? Pocket money or earnings from chores? Perhaps your older children receive extra cash from a part time job.

What do they do with their money?

Do they spend it on sweets, toys or other fun items? Have they been shown what else they can do with their money? If your children are spending every cent they are given or have earnt, then they are being set-up for an earn and spend cycle as an adult.

We are all for children being children. However, the financial blueprint they grow up with will be the blueprint they have for the rest of their lives. And this blueprint is totally dependent on what you teach them about money now.

Download the ebook today to learn the following:

  • How to create income for your kids
  • Distributing the income into 4 different channels (don’t worry they still get to spend a large portion of it)
  • Methods of saving
  • Investing the earnings
  • What to do with interest/dividends earned
  • Saving for the big stuff

“The old saying of ‘The sooner you start, the more you’ll have’ certainly rings true. And by teaching our kids these life changing skills, their financial possibilities may be endless.”