Know your numbers - managing cash flow for business growth
How can manage you manage cash flow better?

Business owners and leaders have the potential to use cashflow management strategies to improve profitability. Learn what you need to know to take the stress out of cashflow management and how to use it more effectively.

Webinar On-Demand

In this 42-min webinar, Modoras Accounting Director, Pete Hetherington gives expert insights into:

  • the sources of cash flow
  • how to effectively manage your tax, loan and capital obligations
  • here to find cash in a hurry
  • methods for minimising unnecessary expenses
  • options to invest your profits for optimal returns
  • areas to focus on in your business
  • how to identify areas for growth

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Pete Hetherington

Pete is a highly successful chartered accountant with a wealth of experience that spans over 30 years. He understands that everyone has a unique financial position which come with their own challenges. With a passion for giving clients the confidence to make smart financial decisions, clients can be assured that Peter will simplify business growth strategies and the complexities of our tax system.

Specialising in income tax, small business consulting, superannuation including self-managed super funds, asset protection and succession planning, his mandate is to continuously improve the client experience through an innovative and proactive approach.